Somerset Prepared Website

Welcome to the summer update from the team at Somerset Prepared! 
Updates to our website now include a new community resilience case study from Hatch Beauchamp. You can view it here.


Save the Date!

The next Somerset Prepared Community Resilience Day has been scheduled to take place on 24th October 2019. This will be for parishes and communities. There will be case studies, stands, and presentations.  More details and invitations will be out shortly.  Watch this space!


FloodSax Offered by Rotary

FloodSax ' is the convenient, modern day equivalent of a Sandbag, each bag self inflates and transforms from being as light as a pillowcase to as heavy as a sandbag within minutes. The bags contains gelling polymer, which absorbs water to become taut in just over 3 minutes. If anyone wants Floodsax they should contact David Welsh on 07785 924256 or email


Annual E.S.C.A.P.E Day

Emergency Services Community Awareness Promotion Event

Burnham-on-Sea – 25th August 2019 

Burnham Area Rescue Boat (BARB), together with Burnham Coastguard and the Burnham RNLI is organising the sixteenth Annual Escape Day for Sunday 25th August 2019.  There will be a displays throughout the day, stands, and emergency vehicles.  The event will take place on Burnham Esplanade from 10 am until 4.30 pm



If you are interested in making an impact and getting involved in your local community visit for a list of opportunities that you can get involved in! 


Somerset Emergency Community Contacts

Somerset Emergency Community Contacts are individuals identified by their local Parish or Town Council to be a point of contact in an emergency.

Could all Parishes that have nominated SECC’s check that they are up to date. Any changes please send to . If Parishes wish to nominate a SECC or receive more information please contact Lesley Knight on the above email address.