Somerset Prepared Website

Welcome to the summer update from the team at Somerset Prepared! We hope you are all enjoying is lovely weather that we are currently experiencing. 

The 1st of June launches the Heat Health Watch campaign. During this period, the Met Office will provide warnings when we are going to experience dangerous heat waves. The intention is that we use these warnings to take precautions for those we care for, and businesses to make life more comfortable for their staff.

We would like to direct readers to two websites that give very good health and travel advice for the summer period:

The met office gives readers ideas on how to prepare themselves, their homes and their vehicles for seasonal weather, highlighting the effects of UV light and high pollen levels:

Meanwhile the following NHS website reinforces common-sense advice on how to stay healthy during heat waves:

We also have a page on Somerset Prepared dedicated specifically to the heat health watch and how to cope during the Covid 19 outbreak. This can be read here:

We hope you find the advice above interesting and incorporate it into your plans this summer.