Martock Parish Council produced its Emergency Plan in 2007 aimed at providing advice and a framework for local assistance in the event of an emergency within or outside the Parish of Martock. The plan, which follows Government and Somerset local authorities’ civil contingencies guidelines: 

  • Identifies the Community Emergency Group; 
  • Sets out the procedures for activating the plan; 
  • Identifies Emergency Accommodation Centres; 
  • Provides local information to assist the Emergency Services;
  • Provides a list of useful contact numbers and addresses; 
  • Highlights information to assist the Parish in a period of temporary isolation.

The plan also identifies local hazards, individuals with special needs, individuals with special skills and supplies of vehicles, equipment and material.  Finally it provides detailed guidance on flooding and the flood warden scheme.

The plan, which can be found on the Martock website, is updated regularly and exercised. Its success to date has been due to the goodwill of volunteers and community groups engaging with each other in time of need. The positive response by Martock to the 2013/14 floods was an excellent example of community engagement and spirit.

For more information on establishing a scheme such as that seen in Martock and the support available to help, see the related links or get in touch.

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