1. Community Places of Safety

In some circumstances during an emergency, evacuation is essential for the safety of those affected and nearby.

Working closely with our partners, communities and businesses we’ve identified a large network of facilities across Somerset that can be used to support you, to find one nearest you, see the map below.

Community Places of Safety

If you are a committee member of a village hall, community centre or a representative of a church, we would be very appreciative if you joined our Places of Safety Scheme:

The Community Places of Safety Scheme is coordinated by the Somerset Council Civil Contingencies Unit. A place of safety tends to be a church hall, village hall or other such community centre where people can stay temporarily (~5 hours) if evacuated during an emergency. The purpose of the scheme is to try to help communities and local authorities find shelter for evacuated people in an emergency.

What are the benefits?
• Venues are close to their communities
• Venues are well known locally
• The community can open the venue themselves
• Evacuees will be supported by people they know

If you think your local hall could be registered as a place of safety, please click here. This will direct you to an online form which asks questions about the hall and requests some contact details.

To be clear, joining the Community Places of Safety scheme places no contractual obligations on yourself or the facility. Any action to shelter evacuees would be on best endeavours basis and supported by the local authority. If you’d like to know more please e-mail info@somersetprepared.org.uk

This map is provided for information only, facilities are not guaranteed to be available or utilised during an emergency – this decision can only be made at the time.

Always follow the advice of the emergency services.