Somerset Prepared Virtual Event


Join us from Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd October for free interactive training and new films, featuring how Somerset has responded to the coronavirus emergency and is preparing for the winter ahead.

Book your free training sessions via Eventbrite, through the links below. Films uploaded during the event will remain available afterwards.

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Tuesday 20th October Wednesday 21st October Thursday 22nd October


Tuesday 20th October
10:00 – 11:30 – Crisis Recovery Webinar (Communities Prepared)

Applicable to all emergencies including Covid, this training session contains key information and practical guidance on moving through crisis to a ‘new normal’ and navigating the steps in between. This session has been designed to support volunteers and Town and Parish Councils as they help their communities through the recovery journey. To find out more and register, visit the Eventbrite page.

12:00 – Ready for Anything – Emergency Preparedness in Somerset (Film)

Did you ever expect to live through a global pandemic? It’s not something that would have occurred to most of us, but 2020 has shown how important it can be to prepare for the unexpected. These stories from Somerset communities show how valuable their plans were when coronavirus hit, and how they are planning for the winter ahead.

14:00 – The Resilience Reward – Somerset Prepared Grant Scheme (Film)

Did you know that your community can apply for up to £5000 for training or equipment to be better prepared for emergencies? Watch this film to find out more, and hear inspiring stories about how other communities have used their grants to help themselves. You can also learn more by visiting our Funding Support page.

16:00 – Adapt and Prepare – Covid’s Impact on our Partnership (Film)

There is not a corner of the globe that has escaped the impacts of Covid-19. These interviews with some of the organisations involved with Somerset Prepared – the Environment Agency, Civil Contingencies Unit, Rotary Club and Somerset Rivers Authority – show how responses and plans have had to change, and how Somerset is getting ready for what might be a challenging winter ahead.

18:00 – 19:30 – Community Emergency Volunteer Coordinator Webinar (Communities Prepared)

Leading a group of volunteers during an emergency can be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced. This training session provides Somerset specific guidance for community emergency volunteer coordinators and lead flood wardens on managing their group, maintaining volunteer engagement and how to integrate or build upon partnerships with the wider emergency response structure. To find out more and register for the webinar, visit the Eventbrite page.



Wednesday 21st October
10:30 – 12:00 – Looking After Yourself and Supporting Others Webinar (MIND in Somerset)

With a focus on those who volunteer, this session will have limited numbers. To find out more and register for the webinar, go to the MIND Eventbrite page.


12:00 – How’s your head? Improving mental health and resilience in difficult times (Film) (MIND in Somerset)

The stresses and strains of the past six months have taken their toll on many of the countless volunteers helping to keep our communities safe. Local specialists, Mind in Somerset, have produced this short film especially for this year’s Somerset Prepared online event. The film will be uploaded during the event.


13:00 – Environment Agency Covid-19 Response and Field Teams (Film)

The COVID 19 outbreak stopped us all in our tracks and changed the way we would traditionally carry out our work across the Environment Agency. Ryan Kennedy and his field team talk us through how they have adapted to be able to continue delivering key flood risk work and deliver other projects across Somerset whilst still protecting his team with new Covid secure health and safety regulations.

We take a look at Environment Agency staff reducing flood risk in Somerset whilst delivering environmental benefits. We also take a closer look at the North Drain pumping station and how, with the help of Somerset Rivers Authority funding, the Environment Agency are upgrading critical assets in the 70 year old pumping station. The film will be uploaded during the event.

14:00 – 16:00 – Flooding Webinar (Communities Prepared)

The session explores the causes of flooding, including the impact of Climate Change, the different types of flooding and how flood risk is communicated by the Environment Agency. It then moves on to the important issue of flood water safety, with information and guidance for flood volunteers on carrying out their roles safely and responsibly, minimising exposure to risks and supporting the community. To find out more and register for the webinar, visit the Eventbrite page.

16:30 – Scrubs, Software and Shops – Unique responses to Covid-19 in Somerset (Film)

In our communities, hidden talents are all around. The Covid-19 response has demanded a great deal from all of us, and these interviews show how some people’s skills have been a crucial part of the puzzle for their communities and beyond. The film will be uploaded during the event.



Thursday 22nd October
10:00 – The Voice of a Community – Somerset’s Flood Groups (Film)

When flooding hits, the consequences are huge – from a mortal threat, to the financial impact and emotional toll. Groups of volunteers are quietly toiling away in our communities, helping people to be better prepared if the worst should happen, advocating for their towns and villages, and contributing to projects to reduce flood risks in their areas. You can also learn more about preparing for flooding through the Flood Action Campaign: Prepare. Act. Survive. The film will be uploaded during the event.

11:00 – Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) Presentation (Environment Agency)

No-one knows a community as well as the people who live there. The Flood Online Reporting Tool is the way that anyone, from residents to flood risk authorities, can report flooding incidents, helping develop a better understanding of where flooding occurs and how best to reduce its risk and impact. Guy Parker from the Environment Agency will talk through how to use the new system. The film will be uploaded during the event.

12:00 – Stronger Together – Somerset’s Communities Respond to Covid-19 (Film)

The coronavirus has had far-reaching and tragic consequences, but there is another, more positive side to the changes affecting us all. These testimonials show how the people of Somerset have come together to support each other, and how our communities have stepped up to the challenge we all face. Each community’s response has been unique, whether through independent groups or helped by initiatives such as the Community Council for Somerset’s Good Neighbours Scheme. The film will be uploaded during the event.

13:00 – Let it Snow – And Let us be Prepared! (Film)

Our local Highways team has been busy making plans for whatever the weather brings this winter. This film is about their Snow Warden scheme, which enables communities to help themselves and help each other, keeping us all safe this winter. The film will be uploaded during the event.

14:00 – Dunball Sluice Tour and Future Plans (Film) (Environment Agency)

Dunball Sluice in Bridgwater is the only outlet for the King’s Sedgemoor Drain into the River Parrett, and is a key part of managing water on the Somerset Levels and Moors. John Rowlands of the Environment Agency gives a virtual tour of this key piece of infrastructure, and what it being planned to ensure it is fit for the future. The film will be uploaded during the event.

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