Working Together

The Somerset local authorities work closely with a wide range of agencies and networks to plan, train and exercise in preparation for emergencies. This work is supported by all partners through a network called the Local Resilience Forum where those responsible make sure they’re well prepared to provide a co-ordinated response. For more information on our responsibilities, see our guidance on the Civil Contingencies Act.

If there is an incident, the first agencies to arrive at the scene are usually the emergency services and a process will quickly begin to work together to save lives and reduce harm. This is achieved by:

  • Ensuring there is a joint understanding of the risk
  • Maintaining a shared awareness of the situation

Action will then be taken through well-practiced structures to:

  • Gather information and intelligence
  • Assess the risks and develop a strategy
  • Consider appropriate powers, policies and procedures
  • Identify options and contingencies
  • Take action and review what happened

For more information on the response to emergencies and how you can help, see our Get Involved pages.