4. Property Level Flood Protection

There are many permanent products and solutions available that you can use around your property to prevent damage from flood water. Visit the British Standards Institute for accredited products and the Blue Pages for an independent directory of products, suppliers and installers.

When choosing products, suppliers and installers, it is useful to ask yourself some of these questions to make sure they are reliable:

  • Are the products Kitemarked?
  • Do the products carry ongoing guarantees?
  • Have the products been rigorously tested in real life situations?
  • Do the products have a reliability track record?
  • Is the proposed installer accredited through a recognised industry scheme (for example, BPEC)?
  • Can they provide official photo ID and verification phone numbers?
  • Do they hold necessary liability insurances to work on your home?
  • Do they provide easy to understand ‘Deployment Instructions’?
  • Do they offer a maintenance or customer service package?
  • Can they provide testimonials or recommendations from existing customers?

Remember, the suitability and effectiveness of products will vary from home to home. Make sure you have thought about all your flood risks or seek professional advice before investing in expensive products  – suppliers will be able to help you with this.

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