2. Awareness Training

Awareness Training for Community Emergency Volunteers

Communities are better prepared to cope during and after an emergency when everyone works together. The purpose of this series of guides for community volunteers and accompanying training is to help you to act safely while providing the best level of support to your community during an emergency, such as flooding.

For more information download the factsheet opposite and if you are interested in receiving some or all of the modules please contact us.

Modules available in the series include:

  • An introduction to emergency response for community volunteers: An introduction to the processes and terminology associated with emergency response; phases of a major incident; things to consider when reporting an incident; emergency responders: what they do and don’t do; cordons, evacuations and the media.
  • Role profile: Outlines simple ways in which you, as a community volunteer, can support your community and the Emergency Services before, during and after a flood.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Highlights the importance of the correct use, maintenance and storage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as: high visibility clothing, safety whistles etc.
  • Understanding flood risk: An introduction to the processes and terminology associated with flooding; factors that can influence flooding; flood risk and flood frequency; limitations of flood warnings; managing flood risks: who is responsible?; private land owners and riparian law.
  • Flood risk awareness: Aims to help you carry out your role as a community volunteer in a safe and responsible way; assessing risk; the dangers of flood water; personal safety; flooding and road safety; managing sensitive information and data protection.
  • The use of sandbags: 5 myths about sandbags!; their advantages and limitations; how to handle, store and dispose of sandbags; alternative ways to prepare property for flooding.

The Guidance for Community Emergency Volunteers series has been developed with funding from:


The guidance for Community Emergency Volunteers series is part of the Community Resilience Toolkit developed by the Cornwall Community Flood Forum in collaboration with others:

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