Animal disease

Agriculture and farming is a major industry in Somerset, with disease outbreaks having the potential to cause significant economic and environmental damage. There have been significant outbreaks of exotic notifiable diseases in animals in the UK in the past, with foot and mouth disease and bird flu being the most notable examples.

If there is an outbreak, national and local arrangements will be implemented to control the spread of the disease and limit the impacts. These include measures such as identifying affected premises, controlled and monitored zones and restrictions on the movement of livestock. Although large national outbreaks are possible, the most likely is a small-to-medium-sized outbreak. Through these plans and arrangements the risk of an outbreak can be kept to a minimum and contained if it does occur.

Top tips!

  • Sign up for notifications of exotic disease outbreaks from the Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • Visit the Devon and Somerset Trading Standards service for further information and guidance
  • Inform the Animal and Plant Health Agency immediately if you suspect a notifiable disease

See our Get Prepared information about preparing for emergencies at home, in your community and at work.