2. Emergency Community Contacts

Somerset Emergency Community Contacts

These have been developed from the learning after 2013/2014 flooding in Somerset.  These contacts are people who can be a first point of contact for agencies when an emergency is happening in your area.

The nominated contacts must be able to speak with authority on behalf of your council, community or geographical area. The contacts should be able to give current information about how an emergency is affecting your area and any problems arising where help may be needed.

The main role of the Somerset Emergency Community Contact is: 

  • To be a nominated point of contact during emergencies between communities and authorities 
  • To liaise with Parish/Town Councils 
  • Be able to liaise with local residents with identified roles, i.e. neighbourhood watch, flood warnings, village agents 
  • Be able  to  identify  and  pass  information  about  vulnerable  residents  to appropriate authorities 
  • Identify severe and dangerous road conditions restricting transport 
  • Gathering,receiving and passing information from and to community 
  • To have good communications via access to phones, email and internet 
  • Be located within the parish

If you have been nominated by a parish representative to be an Emergency Community Contact please Click here to add your name and contact details to an online form.

If you would like to become an emergency community contact, please speak with your parish council first.

This map is provided for information only.