Are You Resilient? Business Continuity Awareness Week 2019

Are You Resilient? Business Continuity Awareness Week 2019

Business Continuity Management is the process of creating arrangements to deal with potential threats to the smooth running of an organisation. It identifies critical functions and services along with steps to take in the event of disruptions. This years Business Continuity Awareness Week’s theme is ‘investing in resilience’.

Each day from the 13th – 17th of May we’ll be considering some of the ways for organisations and individuals can increase their resilience in business continuity. To get involved:

  • Join the conversation on twitter using #BCAW2019
  • Follow us @somersetprepare and others such as the Business Continuity Institute
  • Check out our YouTube channel and Businesses Prepared playlist for videos to help you get to grips with business continuity!
  • Check back during the week to see some top tips on how you can be resilient.

For more guidance on protecting your home, community or business see our Get Prepared pages.

Top Tips!

 Day 1: Always make sure your phone is charged and you have a charger accessible – This will enable you to be able to contact, or be contactable in the event of a disruption.

Day 2: If you are a local business make sure you have a business continuity plan and that all your staff know the procedures and location of the plan.

Day 3: If you are an office based business make sure that if needed you are able to work from home – this will enable you to continue as business as usual until things are back up and running.

Day 4: Always have extra copies of your business continuity plan and other important documents in case of an IT failure or loss of building. Store them in different secure locations so that you’ll never be caught out!

Day 5: Once you have created a business continuity plan, train your staff so they know what to do in an incident and then have an exercise to test the plan out!