Are You Cyber Secure? Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017

Are You Cyber Secure? Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017

According to a report from the Business Continuity Institute,  two out of three organisations have experienced at least one cyber security incident during the last year. With that in mind the theme for this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week (May 15th – 19th) is ‘Cyber Resilience’.

Each day we’ll be considering some of the risks for organisations in an increasingly digital-led world and offering some tips and advice on how to deal with them. To get involved:

For more guidance on protecting your home, community or business see our Get Prepared pages.

Top Tips!

Monday: Can you trust the public wifi you’ve just connected to?

Public wifi networks should be treated with caution as they’re inherently insecure – you don’t know who else might be connected trying to see what you’re doing. Save tasks like banking for when you’re connected to a trusted network and use official apps for added security.      

Tuesday: Can you trust the email link you are about to click? 

Opening links contained in emails from an address you don’t recognise, can be dangerous. Always check to see where the email has come from. If any doubt just delete the email.

Wednesday: Is your password strong enough, could it be easily guessed?

Using complex passwords of different characters, numbers and symbols is often recommended but it easier said than done when it comes to remembering them. Try using a system that isn’t as obvious as substituting letters for numbers. One example is to take a line from your favourite song and use the first letter of each word – complex but easy to remember!

Thursday: Have you locked your computer, tablet and phone?

Simple and effective! It can be a pain repeatedly typing in passwords but keeping your devices locked is the easiest way to protect your personal and corporate data. Get in the habit of hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Enter on you computer. You can also set a screen lock timeout in case you forget. When it comes to touch screen devices, avoid swiping a pattern to unlock as this can leave an identifiable smear on your screen!

Friday: Can you trust that USB stick?

Whilst the stick itself may not be filled with nasty critters waiting to run amok in your systems, is it safe and secure to store your data? Be sure to use an encrypted USB stick and for highly sensitive files, consider protecting them individually with a password.

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