Hatch Beauchamp

Gas Leak – 31st October 2018

“On the afternoon of 31st October, there was a gas explosion while contractors were working on a site at Neroche View, Hatch Beauchamp. The fire was quickly suppressed by firefighters but nearby properties had to be evacuated. Following this, Wales and West Utilities came in to ensure that gas supplies were switched off to about 200 homes while the leak was fixed. Supplies were returned later that evening and the operation by Wales and West Utilities staff garnered much praise in the village.

This accident occasioned the Civil Contingencies team to consult its file for the names of Somerset Emergency Community Contacts in Hatch Beauchamp. This enabled the key holder of the village hall to be reached so that an operations room could be set up. Independently the Parish Council was also contacted. A Councillor met with the team leader, the village Facebook page was activated to communicate with villagers, and a member of the Parish Council walked around the village to check on homes with special needs or problems.

However, the incident alerted the Parish Council to the fact that the SECC List was out of date. It is now advertising for volunteers for a new Emergency List. The Civil Contingencies team might want to consider regular checks to keep the lists current.”

David Graham, on behalf of Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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