September is Preparedness Month!

September is Preparedness Month!

When people talk about emergencies you may think of recent tragic events such as the attacks on London and Manchester, recent UK storms and flooding, the Nepal earthquake, the Indonesian tsunami or other global disasters. What if we told you that being prepared is not just for those head-line grabbing incidents? Power cuts, water main bursts, gas leaks, fires, transport strikes, road closures etc. can happen any day. Taking proactive steps to be better prepared will help you not only with everyday emergencies but also with far less likely incidents.

Its week 4 of preparedness month, so this week we will be focusing on Volunteering.

For new and old visitors to Somerset Prepared, we encourage you to visit our Volunteer page for all the information you need in volunteering, what charities are in Somerset and case studies.

We have the Somerset Emergency Voluntary Agency Group which consists of charities in Somerset who are on call to respond to an emergency when the Local Authority and other organisations request their help.

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