Videos and Resources 2021 Event

Welcome from the Somerset Prepared partners


What happens during a home safety visit – Devon and Somerset Fire Service


Community Resilience – Met Office

Guide to Rural Community Resilience – Communities Prepared  click to view to pdf

Met Office Forecast – Recent Weather and a Look Ahead – Met Office   Click to redirect to Met office website

Funding Service for Voluntary and Community Organisations – Spark Somerset  Click to view PDF

Countywide Volunteer Service – Spark Somerset   Click to view to PDF


Originally presented as part of the Somerset Prepared Resilience event 2021 Mary Dhonau national property flood resilience expert, and Steve Malpass from the Environment Agency share their expertise.


Community Council Somerset supporting people with food resilience, mental health and community buildings


Originally held as part of the Somerset Prepared Resilience event 2021, Tracey Cullen presents on Western Power Distribution’s Priority Services Register, and how WPD support individuals and communities.


Originally held as part of the Somerset Prepared Resilience event 2021, Lesley Knight, Senior Civil Contingencies Officer, presents on the voluntary agencies and organisations that would assist Civil Contingencies when responding in an emergency


Originally held as part of the Somerset Prepared Resilience event 2021, the Communications Team SCC Highways and Transport present a brief guide to using Facebook for local groups who are looking to alert their communities and the wider public – setting up a group or page and keeping it running, as well as linking with other community groups.


How water is managed in Somerset using augmented reality technology


Flood bags – How they work


Wessex Flood wardens – Please keep your details up to date.


Wessex Flood Wardens: Thank you


A selection of videos highlighting the  power and benefits of Natural Flood Management 


Short Films | High Water Film Library  click to redirect to websites

A selection of short videos covering many different elements of NFM inc:  Leaky Dams, Debris Dam Construction, Attenuation. Advice on Trees, Authority & Partnership, Partnership with Landowners, Soil Structure, Arable Drainage, Dredging, Soil Compaction, Grip Blocking, Attenuation Ponds, PhD Students, River Meandering, Biodiversity, SuDS for Schools, Re-Wetting a Wetland, Moorland Burning, Building Bunds, Designing NFM Features, Multiple Benefits (EA), Leics Urban Wetlands Collaboration