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Are you Weather Ready – Summer 2023

Are you prepared for any type of summer weather? From staying well in the heat to taking care of your family, neighbours & home, Met Office advice pages provide guidance on things we can do to be prepared this summer. Learn more here: 10 things you should do now to prepare for summer – Met…

Village Halls Week 2023: Monday 23 January – Sunday 29 January 2023

Village halls are often at the heart of village life, from children and infant activities, places of safety, recreation classes and much more beyond.  At Somerset Prepared we especially know the important role village and community halls play during emergencies, serving as places of safety, rest centre and community hubs to support those in need….

New! Map of emergency shelter & support facilities in Somerset

The Somerset Local Authorities maintain a database of large facilities and trained staff across the County suitable for providing shelter and support in the event of an emergency. In addition to this we recognise that not all emergencies affect large populations and in some cases, by the time we activate our staff and resources the…